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Meet the Founder

Born and raised in south Greensboro, NC, I learned very quickly how poor mental health impacts one's daily life. While introverted, I always knew I was purposed to serve others, but was unsure how this would manifest. Growing up in an underserved environment and witnessing the common societal disparities and the overall lack of appropriate mental health accessibility, fueled my passion to become what my community needed: a competent, compassionate, ethical mental health professional. As I have matriculated through educational opportunities, I have learned that mental health isn't subjected to race, creed, nationality, religion, nor sexual orientation, it a universal notion that needs to be consistently addressed.  

I received my  Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Winston-Salem State University. I continued my education and obtained my Master of Science from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Behavioral Medicine. 


I am also a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. My professional journey began in state vocational rehabilitation working with individuals with disabilities. After becoming licensed in 2014, I continued my work as a Clinician in community mental health agencies working with underserved populations in school, office, and home settings. In addition, I have worked in private inpatient psych as a Unit Clinician; for a managed care organization as a Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Case Manager; and at a community hospital as a Therapist. I currently work full-time as a Clinical Quality Auditor for a private entity. 


I hold myself accountable to meet each client where they are with grace and respect. My goal is to be the "plug" for those I am called to support as I believe competency is on a continuum, therefore I engage in therapy trainings through out the year.  

When I'm not wearing my "therapist hat", I enjoy spending time with my heartbeat, who is my son, interior design, watching investigative shows, brunching, and  traveling. 


I look forward to meeting you on the other side of "It".


-Be Well,


Fedoria B

Grape Vine over Wooden Door
Grape Vine over Wooden Door


Rhema Spring's mission is to discredit the stigma associated with mental health and push the narrative of normalizing therapy by creating space for individuals to live whole and be well one session at a time.

Grape Vine over Wooden Door


Rhema Spring Counseling was established to hold space for individuals seeking to overcome challenges that prevent them from living holistically. The name Rhema Spring was inspired by the belief that words have power and that the narrative we tell ourselves and others about our experiences directly impacts our mental health. Rhema means “a timely word”. Furthermore, the Spring season is known to bring about renewal and rebirth. It is when the earth begins to awaken and flourish from bitter Winter. It is my hope that through therapy at Rhema Spring you will become a better version of yourself and as a result began to blossom in each season of your life.

Grape Vine over Wooden Door
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