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Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

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Counseling for college students,
young professionals, & low-
middle aged adults. 


Across the State of North Carolina

A comfortable, relatable, and safe space to  heal, grow and improve your quality of life. 

Does it feel like the accomplished person other's see on the outside, doesn't always match how you feel on the inside? 

Maybe you're an ambitious young professional.

You chose this career because the idea of helping people and changing the world lit you up inside, but now that flame is burning out.

After years of training and education, missed milestones, and delayed gratification, you’re finally working in the field and it’s not what you imagined. There’s not enough time in the day, or resources, to do the kind of work you can feel proud of.

You overthink, overwork, and overcommit. It’s exhausting. You have a feeling you’re contributing to your own distress, but you don’t know how to “do less.”

Or perhaps you're a motivated college student.

The graduation festivities have ended. You've arrived on campus your freshmen year. You've met your roommate, chosen your major, setup your schedule, and now you're wondering if you really belong there. You're attending campus events and trying to find "your tribe." The stress of keeping up with assignments and maintaining a healthy social life are all becoming too much. You feel yourself changing in ways you can't explain, not even to your family or close friends. Or maybe you're on the tail end of your college experience and the transition into adulthood is causing a mountain of stress. You're wondering if you will obtain a position in your chosen field, or if you will be able to afford to live independently. 



Neither of the above apply, because you're already "adulting"

You're raising kids, trying to be present in your marriage, and community, but not showing up for yourself. Or perhaps, you're single and feel like you should already have the "American Dream" of marriage, career, and children or whatever you have defined as the "good life". You've fallen into the comparison trap. The  reflection of the person you see in the mirror is not appealing to you. You've done everything "the right way" and you are still unhappy with your life. You're grieving the loss of a loved one whether it be through death or divorce. You find it difficult to plan for the future, because you don't know if you can even get through today. The traumatic oppression you've endured in childhood, still haunts you as an adult. Life transitions seem like a never ending rollercoaster.


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